August 27, 2009

Michelle's House...Quilt Group August 2009

This last Monday we met for Quilt Group at Michelle's home. A long awaited get-together at summer's end. School has been in for a couple of weeks, we are all home from vacation, and it is still BLAZING HOT outside. But it feels like the end right?????

Michelle is always the perfect Hostess and I, for one, looked forward to a day of sewing and visiting with my "best" quilt friends! Unfortunately, we missed Carol, Heidi, Val, and Andi. We need you guys to come!!!

There were some finished projects and some just beginning. Take a look at the talent.......!

Kim surprised us all with a new little "log cabin" quilt she began to work on in Payson this summer. We all really loved her colors..just cause they were warm and yummy! We are expecting to see this finished in September Kimmy!

Well, Michelle never disappoints...except we all go home thinking..."Does she have some extra time that we don't know about?" She always has something new to share with the "cute" factor. She made this Snowman wall hanging for a class she is teaching in her Ward. The cutest! It makes you panic to think Christmas is just around the corner!

Oh, but wait, another project from Michelle. A baby quilt that whipped up really fast! Yes, Michelle is the Master! We loved, loved this cute, comfy quilt for any new baby! I think she will be teaching that one too. Nothing is too difficult for this girl!

Marene is still working on the stunning quilt that has a million pieces and is tedious, but I can't wait to see the finished project. This is one of those quilts that are striking when finished. She sews so fast it is hard to keep up with her. One talented lady!
I always wait to see what Elaine brings. One of these days I will be able to do applique like she does. If I am not mistaking, that is her favorite thing to do. Hope so, cause she does these incredible quilts that take FOREVER! I could stand and stare at this forever. Beautiful!
These are some of the "applique" projects Elaine has been working on. Are they fabulous or what?

Well, what can I say.......Whew! finally finished! This quilt took me FOREVER to make and FOREVER to finish. I made it for my new little Granddaughter, who is now 5 months old! A little late, but no complaints please!
Becky is practicing her applique skills. I guess I didn't find out if she is working on a whole quilt of if she is just practicing on something smaller. But, whatever the reason, she is making incredible strides....keep up the work Becky!
Well, a few of us have been complaining about the WORK!!!!! it is to Host quilt group. So a few of us pressured Michelle to keep it simple. (I won't name names!) Of course, Michelle came through with simplicity, but a FAB lunch. Highlighting the fact that school has begun.....she did box lunches all wrapped up with a bow. Absolutely a delicious chicken salad sandwich! (see her recipe after this post!) She put this on fresh croissants.....Sun Chips.....a drink.....and a cookie! Marvelous and tasty!
Thanks Michelle for a wonderful, relaxing, social, satisfying, simple, fun, stress-free time with my funnest friends ever!!! How's that for kudos????
See you next month......September 14th at Heidi's Home. Make sure and put it on your calendars. It is so much fun when everybody is there. Work on those projects for show and tell and come prepared with an opinion for our Christmas Exchange! See you Soon. Sew every free moment!

August 25, 2009

Chicken Salad

I'm sure Debbie will be posting soon about our fun day but here is the recipe for the Chicken Salad Sandwich we had for lunch.

Chicken Salad

4 chicken breast halves, cooked and cubed

3/4 cup chopped celery

3 chopped green onions

1/2 cup cashews

1/8 teaspoon curry

1 1/2 cups mayonnaise

1/4 cup whipping cream

Mix everything together and serve on a flaky, buttery croissant.

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