December 6, 2009

Quilty November's December. Time has rushed by and we now have to look back on November. Marae treated us to such a fun quilt day. I, for one, did not want to go home. For some reason there is nothing quite as fulfilling as attending quilt day each month. There is always something fun and new to learn and look at! Here is our November Fun Day to remember!

Carol finished this apron quilt....some applique and some piecing. A lot of work went into this one. I especially loved the pinwheels surrounding all the aprons. Such a cute, cute quilt, Carol!

Kimmy, Kimmy, already for Christmas. The cutest little quilt all made up of Christmas packages. Is there someone special in mind who will receive this? Who wouldn't love this to open up on Christmas morning? Very fun and colorful!

Heidi has finished another quilt for one of her nieces getting married. Well, she is just too nice! She puts so much work into making quilts for others.....this one is no different. Pretty striking colors, perfect for the newly wed couple who will receive it. Oh, and we love the stars!

Marae has FINALLY finished this dang cute picnic quilt for her grandson (great?) who is soon to be married. A whole lot of work went into this.....really, do they appreciate all our great skills??? Well, I will say how very cute this has turned out....lecture them if they don't shower you with kisses!!!!

Alright Michelle! She is just a little smarty pants! She is always winning awesome stuff from Moda. She goes on their website and designs quilts in the contests they sponsor. She always comes up a winner one way or another. Look at her stash!!!!! Books and Fabric... all sent to her from Moda...Hmmmmmmmm we all need to figure that out. I, for one, am green with envy...but I will never tell!

Debra Sue is ready for Christmas early.....(just because she is lucky to travel to Israel for a dream vacation!) The very cutest reindeer quilt yet to be seen. She whipped it up in no time all ready for Santa Day! Really, it is darling!

This is a biggy! Becky has finally finished her Christmas Wall Hanging that she has been working on for some time! A number of ladies in our group tackled this project. Elaine....did you start all this??? Becky's turned out so cute and we know it was a ton of work!

A few words about Marene. She never stops working!!!!! Here she is making I think 60?? of these darling little wall hangings for the people she works with at the Humanitarian Center. Really? It makes me tired to think of it. But she is so very thoughtful and speedy! A sweet gift to her helpers. We all admire her for her dedication and hard work at the Center. Gotta love her!

We had a little visitor come to our group this month. Sweet little Bethy (as I call her). She has picked up the quilting thing from her Mom. Okay now...this is the cutest little baby quilt made for her little girl out of the "Snippets" line of fabric. Retro and cute. Beth, really, you are quite talented!!!

Now just a few little action shots from you "hard working" quilters!

Now.....for those of you who left early!!! Carol forgot to bring in these darling little projects she has been working on! She made these fun bags and a darling apron. I really think she should bring them next month so we can all get a really good look at all she's done. Nice work! Where do you find all your time????

Kimmy is the model, of course!

Marae treated us to a yummy luncheon. I was too busy eating to take pictures! Big surprise! However, I do have to mention her fruit dessert. It was to die for and just simple and tasty! Thanks Marae for a wonderful day of fun. It is always a lot of work for the Hostess, but the rest of us enjoy is so!

Now, don't forget our Christmas Quilt Day is coming up on Monday, December 14th, at Elaine's home. We all have to have our squares done to exchange for Christmas! I am so looking forward to this fun day. Get sewing on those squares if you have not finished! See you soon!