September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

The Quilters From Hale 7 Years In The Making
September marks our 7th birthday.
We have changed quite a bit over the years, adding new members and saying good-by to others.
The only constants--our
Love for each other and QUILTING!

Opening her home this month is the lovely Debbie J, pictured below with her loyal subjects
and their Americana blocks.

And the two quilts she shared with us ...

Elaine, finished up our block exchange quilt from two years ago.

Heidi's Christmas applique, and yes, I am THAT short.

Andie's cute little baby quilt and a fun bedspread.

Marae zipped out this darling little quilt.

Marene had to show off her mad sewing skills! Can you believe she started this in Payson in August? Yup, she's crazy . . . crazy talented!

Michele has fabulous creativity and a new business to showcase it. She started The Red Bucket List and can be found selling her kits and patterns on Etsy. Wow!

So, So, So Cute!

Kendall with her beautiful quilts and smile--and stories from the dating world, hmmmm.

Another crazy quilter, Carol, started this in Payson also!
Is it okay to have quilt envy?

And . . .

And . . . from this year's block exchange, Halloween fun!

Ridiculously talented skills must run in this family
because Julie and Carol stole the show! I cannot even begin to describe everything so just enjoy the displays. I guess the rest of us didn't get the memo to spend every minute of our lives sewing . . . and make the rest of us look lazy!

Yes, Julie, we bow to your awesomeness!

A major thank you to Debbie J for delicious food, as always, great camaraderie and a wonderful day to celebrate together!
See you all at Elaine's on Monday, October 17th!