September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday #6

We celebrated the Quilters from Hale birthday #6 this year at Elaine's beautifully decorated home. She always has her gorgeous appliqued quilts out and lovely handcrafted holiday items displayed. It puts you right in the mood to celebrate! We started off with Show-and-Tell . . .

Elaine, the hostess extraordinaire, showing off the darling quilt she made. I think we all agreed it was our favorite.

Debbie B. proudly completed her version of
"Delilah Floretta". Lovely to look at, isn't it?

(I'm not sure what the discussion was but I loved this picture.)

Julie wows us every time with her work!
There is always something new and beautiful.

No quilt day is complete without
Debbie J.
modeling her creation.

Marae impressed us once again with a masterpiece.
Both beautiful . . .the quilt and quilter!

Another display of
Marene's generosity and quilt making
skills as a gift. So, so cute!

Staying on top of her game,
Michelle finished this little quilt for another grandbaby, before it was even needed.

Heidi decided to do a little quilt for the grandkids'playroom
after seeing American Jane's new line, Punctuation.

Lots of handwork going on this time, lots of talking, lots of life discussions and lots of fun.
(I don't know what happened to the pictures of
Michelle and Andie working. Sorry.)

Elaine had a most delicious lunch with fresh fruit, leafy green salad and a heavenly corn chowder. And topped it all off with Lion House orange rolls, then cupcakes for the birthday girls and take-home candy treat bags. "Oh, no," she said. "It was no work at all." Seriously, who believed her? It was wonderful and so great to be together again. You may have spotted a familiar face in the pictures. Yup, she's baaaaaack! Welcome to Kendall . . . and a very sorrowful good-by to Kim. We miss you and wish you so much luck and happiness in your new quilting grounds!