April 9, 2011

Carol Killian's Cabin!!! The Best In January

We all DIE to go to Carol Killian's Cabin to quilt, visit, eat and stay up until all hours! There is not a minute to waste sleeping! As usual, Carol and her sister Julie brought up TONS of food and we all ate way too much. It is the best! Nothing to do but sew, sew, sew. Here are a few of the quilts (Debbie Jensen stole the show) that are finished and some still in progress! So much talent.

This is a quilt some of us completed. Here is Debbie's. It is a copy of an old quilt made by an ancestor of Marene and Marae's. (I think her name is Deliah?) Made from reproduction prints from the 1930's. So very cute!

This is a Buggy Barn String Quilt, again, that some of us made. Yes, mine is still in progress....Michelle and Elaine have finished. Here is Debbie's finished quilt. So scrappy. I think we all traded and combined our scraps that were laying around and here is the result. They all are a little different. Deb's is Fab!

I believe this is Elaine's quilt (no smiling face to prove it!) and correct me if I am wrong. I think she made this with some of her other friends, teaching them to make pinwheels. So fresh and cute. She has a little group that wants to learn how to piece quilts and this was one of their projects. She is the "queen" of teaching!

Two Christmases ago we each made a block (12 of them) and exchanged them for Christmas. This is the result of our efforts. We all put the blocks together differently. This is Debbie Jensen's version. Everybody did such a good job and Debbie's finished project is to die for. We used "Simple Abundance" by Bonnie and Camille I would say Debbie Jensen is trying to finish up some projects???? Darn cute!

These are our Hostesses....Carol and Julie! K...they brought the most delicious food up to Carol's cabin. There is now way we went hungry. They have the yummiest recipes and we all ate way too much. Thanks Carol and Julie for such a great effort! We love you guys!

Enjoying the day! There is never enough time to sew. Why does the day go so fast when you are sewing and drags when you do housework and grocery shop? I'll give someone a million dollars if they can answer that question and I believe them.

The Gang

Nothing To Do But Sew!!!!

Thanks Carol for letting us come to your cabin and have such a wonderful time in a beautiful place. We have so much fun together....can't get enough! Until next time............