January 15, 2009

Start the year out Quilting!

We had our January Quilt Day this week!....Yep, my favorite day of the month! I finally had a quilt finished to show. That doesn't happen very often. I am a slow one finishing my quilts once I start. Let's just say I enjoy the process.

This quilt was made completely of scraps. I love 1930's reproduction fabrics and have a whole drawer full of scraps that need to be used. I am on overload! I saw this quilt in one of my books and thought it was the perfect one to use up those scraps. It was FUN!

This month Becky had quilt group at her home. A few of us had finished quilts over the Christmas Holiday and...... some of us did nothing. Here are a few fun quilts, and some in the making. Thanks Becky for a really fun time! We missed Elaine, Valerie and Marene. Hope to see you next time!

Debbie Jensen has finished her star quilt! Three of us made this quilt....Yeah...it is a really fun one and good for scraps!

Heidi told us a great story about this quilt being lost in the mail
for a month! She missed enjoying it for Christmas....but it
finally arrived....Whew!

Kim made this quilt for her son for Christmas. Really....these guys love our quilts!

Another cute Michelle quilt in the making!

This quilt is partially hand appliqued. It was on the cover of a magazine and on display one year at the International Quilt Show in Houston. It is a time consuming quilt. Marae and I are trying to finish ours. It has been an on-going project for oh....about 3 years!