October 21, 2009

BOO! October Quilt Group

In my mind, October is the funnest month of all! A perfect month for cooling off, planting flowers, wearing your jeans and yes, eating and quilting! This month Debbie Jensen hosted our quilt group. We are such a fun bunch of ladies!

Every month we ooooooohhh and ahhhhhhh over everyone's finished projects. This month was exceptional. We have some pretty talented little women.

Heidi was not with us this month. She was away on a vacation of leisure....but sent me these pictures for all of us to enjoy. She is practicing her hand applique and doing fantastic! Her project is coming along and beautiful!

Heidi also finished this quilt for her sister? Right? Not sure on that one, but it is so, so cute. We missed you Heidi, but you have been sewing up a storm. See you next month.

Well, see for yourself. Yikes! This is a beautiful, beautiful quilt! Marene finished and the quilting is magnificent. She always has something incredible to show us. One talented lady! Thanks for the show! She deserves a close-up picture.

Can you see the quilting? Perfect.

Carol surprised us and made this one from all her scraps. Maybe we all need to join in. Our drawers are over-flowing with fabric right? This is such a darling quilt. A fun pattern. Can we copy?

This is one of my personal favorites....because I love the 30's fabric. Michelle has been working on this for quite some time and we got to see the finished project. So so fun! Wait till you see the back.........

Michelle used up all her 30's prints and made the back of her quilt from little squares. So thrifty she is!!! Hmmmm we need to be a little more frugal, don't you think??? The cutest!

Andy is starting to think about Christmas....I am blocking that out! This is the beginning of a really cute Christmas Tree Quilt. Wait until you see the results....Cute Andy

All I can say is WOWZA! Kim made this fun, crazy, quilt for her favorite son-in-law. He wanted bright! I know Kim had a bit of a challenge getting it finished. Again, WOWZA! Good job Kimmy. (I am such a geek!)

Yea! Valerie was at quilt group this month. We haven't seen her for awhile. She brought us her quilt....A fun scrappy project. We miss you Valerie...keep coming we love to visit. Especially when you bring darling quilts!

K, I am sneaking this in. I was putting the border on at quilt group and didn't get a picture taken. This is a quilt that I made with my sisters in Utah at the first of October. We named it Grannie's Shuffle. I do love 30's prints. Lucky for me I was able to use most of my scraps to make this quilt. It was a fun little project. What would be do without 30's fabric???

Last, but not least our cute little Hostess, Debbie. We certainly had a Fall Feast! She fixed the most delicious Butternut Squash Soup. Of course if was pure cream, but we all suffered through it. Delish!!! Salad and Bran Muffins filled us up. Apple Crisp for dessert, right?

We all enjoyed the fabulous time to visit, sew, eat, laugh, ooooooh and ahhhhh with each other. Keep sewing and remember to work on your Christmas Block. Don't worry that some of you cheated and showed us your blocks. HEHEHEHE...we loved it!

We send Dave and Debbie our sympathy and thoughts as Dave's mother died last week. We hope the funeral went well and your family spent memorable time together. We love you!