January 6, 2011

Merry Merry

We had a wonderful Christmas Quilt Day at Debbie Jensen's Home. She was the lucky one to host quilt group this month, or should I say the BRAVE one! Christmas is such a busy time and she had it all together!!!! (Can I say that I am glad Christmas is over! That is why I have time to post this now) Sorry for the delay.

Our Show and Tell was fabulous. It is the favorite part of each quilt day. We also had a pincushion exchange. Everyone made "very cute" pincushions and we drew numbers and exchanged them for Christmas. It was so fun to see what everyone made.

Read on for all the "Quilty" details!

Julie is in the process of quilting this darling red and white quilt. I always wonder where she finds time to do all she does. She always has something to show!

FINALLY....Andi has finished her Christmas Tree Quilt. Worth the wait and just in time for Christmas!

Okay, really? Someone else has finished our pass-around quilt. (I'm just jealous) Becky is proud! This quilt is really big......and beautiful!

Elaine....well so cute and fun! I want it.

Carol....this might have been my favorite just "cute" quilt. I think this is Bliss right? What's not to love!

Miss Kendall finished a quilt group project (by some of us!) Don't worry mine is still in my drawer waiting for some attention. This was finished so "quilty-ish" LOVE IT! 30's of course!

Well this quilt was worth looking at. If I remember correctly...it was a quilt done in celebration of Joseph Smith...right? Each square has some important meaning..sorry I can't remember, but it is really so gorgeous! Kendall did this with her "friends" in Utah HMMMMMM (hehehe)

Our Hostess, Debbie, stole the show with all her sewing items....really? Who made their grandchildren anything for Christmas? Deb made these hooded bath towels for each of her kiddos (with their names on them) and they were absolutely darling. I will copy them next year and play like I came up with the idea myself! I think that is a good plan! ( I hear Michelle dove in and made some for her little grandies!)

Deb's rugs from Houston. She is going for it. They are really very cute!!! I vote for a class!

This is the group (LOSERS) anyone want to join? No projects complete for us!


Marae gave this to Carol

Debbie Jensen gave this to Kendall

Heidi gave this to Michelle

K....I'm confused. I think Debbie Jensen made the turtle. Carol Killian made the chicken?????? I think.......anyone? Too cute

Marene gave this to Marae

Deb gave this to Deb

Kendall gave this to Becky

Michelle gave this to Andie

We had a guest...Doreen, Debbie's sister. She got lucky and received Elaine's gift.

Andie gave this to Julie

Becky gave this to Debbie (I Love It!)

It's evident that our Hostess went to a lot of work to entertain us for the day.
Thanks Deb! Lunch was wonderful...we had such a fun time together!

One last note.....As a quilt group we decided to put together a quilt that we could mail to someone serving in Iraq. Sort of a service project. We really don't know who we are sending it to yet, but here are the squares that each of us made to complete this quilt. Volunteer to put it together anyone?????? I think all the squares are perfectly great!