December 13, 2011


" A Cozy Christmas"
was our theme for December. We enjoyed breakfast and sharing a few homemade treats with each other before working on our projects.

These are the red/tan blocks I requested as my hostess blocks for this month. Aren't they great?
The one I'm holding is Debbie Jensen's, since she was out of town. We missed you Debbie!
Thank you for the cute house block.

Here are Kendall's hostess blocks from last month.
She asked for a block from Countdown to Christmas fabric by Sweetwater. And she thinks her quilt will be the cutest. It might be!

It was such a treat to have Marae be with us for
the WHOLE day. In fact, she was the last one to leave. She kept me company! Doesn't she make everything sparkle more?

She's the unpaid spokesperson for Sonic, too.

I did not get pictures of the food, or any work being done, but Becky says people only care about the quilt pictures anyway, so this one is for you, Becky!
Our one Show-and-Tell is Julie's, of course...and as always is so, so fun.
And she matches her quilt!

Thank you for donating this year to Helen's Hope Chest in lieu of gifts. You are all so generous.
Congratulations to all the Quilters from Hale on another year of fabulous quilts and fantastic memories!

Have the Merriest Christmas and
the Happiest New Year!

See you all in January at this person's house!